Filming SHUSH SHUSH SWEET SCHATZI in Morningside Park, New York City, April 3, 2004. Photo by Trish Naudon

The One Inch Punch

(2006) Hyper-masculine German rock band Lesion has "quite a day" after their drummer Venison is accused of being an international terrorist by the FBI and thrown into prison at Guantanamo. Meanwhile bass player Mr. Pod joins an internet dating service after revealing that he hasn't had an orgasm in over a week, and may not be able to rock ever again. Four unprotected intercourse sessions later, he still hasn't gotten his rocks off, but hope looms on the horizon in the form of a mysterious African sex talisman. Later, in a desperate and shameless attempt to land a television series, lead singer Dr. Gustave Hurtz declares himself an alcoholic and starts going to AA, hoping to make self-righteous industry connections. Finally, nappy-haired guitarist Piss Promise is forced to live in a storage locker. All this, and the band has a gig that night!
Featuring appearances by Enrico Caruso, Robert Oppenheimer, Satan and Jesus. Rock on, world!